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Today it seems rare that companies actually deliver what is promised. We are such a company, in fact we often deliver first and talk business second. If you need customers visiting your offer immediately, we deliver. Some of the industries or niches we work with are towing, dentistry, auto repair, roofing, loans, back pain, new car dealers and security systems to name a few. We currently work in three dozen niches or so and if we don't currently work in your niche we will be glad to do a free evaluation to make sure we can deliver what you expect.

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I appreciate your interest in Perry Marketing, this is a family business and I am semi-retired and work from my home here in Florida. I am generally very polite and try to answer all questions as fully as possible. Some questions just can not be answered without data. This means that I may know how a company like yours is doing in another town or state, but sometimes this does not translate into how your company will do. The good news is, it takes very little money to run a trial test.



Ranking on Google and the other players is no longer adding a few key words to your html. Comprehensive, long-term ranking can take 6 to 12 months. Don't be fooled by those that say "1st page tomorrow", Google is not stupid. Google will smack you down and maybe never allow you to try again.



We specialize in bringing leads and calls to our off-line clients IMMEDIATELY! If you need more business and don't want to wait weeks or months we can generally start delivering customers directly to your business phone within days. Every client we service enjoys a minimum of $2 return for every dollar spent, with some being much, much higher.



We can build that web site for you, from a few pages to a custom e-commerce site. The only thing that holds us back is your imagination.



Social media campaigns, brand building and e-commerce are all the rage. We can manage any size client.

Business Is My Passion. Marketing Is How I Make Money.

  • I have loved business since I was a young kid. I can remember at 8 years old I would go door to door in my neighborhood selling flower seed packets. At 10 I was cleaning home building lots Jabor Homes on L.I. I just always wanted to be in business, so that is what I did all my life. I am thankful for every enjoyable moment.
    • icon Long and Varied Business career
      Since opening his first "real" business, a security systems company back in 1979, Mr. Perry has launched over 40 businesses. Restaurants, sales companies, local advertising periodicals, school fundraising, mail order/ direct marketing and more than 20 different web sites.
    • icon The One Thing I Needed In Every Business
      Every business I ever created had one major thing in common, they all needed customers. Without a steady stream of customers you have a hobby.

      Craig Perry

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